Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Style Starboard: Winter Survival

These winter months can be brutal (well not down here in Florida, but we pay over the summer). For everyone out there braving the cold weather here are our favorite finds to keep you warm and chic.

Earmuffs(pictured above) Anyone who has spendta second in the cold knows that your ears are the first to go. I think earmuffs are kind of a must, how about these cute faux fur muffs from Madewell? Love them!

Homemade Soup: Homemade soups are fun and healthy to make any time of the year but in winter they just taste that much better. Look for fun recipes in “For the Love of Soup”. And with this cute cover show it off in your kitchen to give your home a cozy lived in feel.

Wool Blanket: A big fluffy throw blanket might be the most important thing to have during winter. This Merino Wool Throw would be ideal to curl up in on a cold night. Isn’t there something even more luxurious about it in that cream color?

iPhone Case: A good way to add a little fun to your day is to jazz up something you use on a regular basis, and lets face it we use our phones for EVERYTHING these days. So why not a little nautical sparkle to bring us out of the winter doldrums! 
Nautical Scarf: Just because it’s winter does not mean we cannot wear nautically inspired colors. A scarf is the perfect was to bring in color when we are missing the bights of spring and summer. The best part is the weight of this scarf will allow you to wear it all year round.

Candles: I always love to have candles in my home but somehow in winter it seems like a must. Tocca Candles are a great purchase; they last forever and smell amazing! When longing for the coast light up their candle “Montauk: Seagrass”.


Rain Boots: Winter is wet. And these boots are fashionable. So I think this is the perfect winter problem solver. Hunter boots are very cute and practical (how often does that happen). If you take the leap and invest in a pair you won’t be disappointed, they are timeless ageless and you feet will be thanking you.

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