Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Gardening Space

Gardening is a healthy and refreshing way to usher in the spring season. Taking ownership of your outdoors is often just as important as what you do with your indoors. Although much of gardening involves getting down and dirty (literally), your gardening space can still be beautiful. After all you have to be inspired by beauty to create beauty! Here are some tools that will help you with your garden inspiration and cultivation.

1. Monogrammed Gardening Gloves: You can't begin your gardening process without the right gloves and doesn't a monogram just make everything better? Personalize your tools to make them feel more special to you. Preppy gardening gloves...yes please!

2. Antique Iron Potting Table: A beautiful yet functional work surface is essential in gardening. To bring focus to your gardening space as well as save your back this antique potting table is the perfect center piece.

3. Chalk Board Herb Planters: Growing your own herb garden is an easy, money saving, adorable way to jazz up your garden. Take your herb garden one step father and make it trendy by labeling your pots with chalk.

4. Regional Seed Bombs: Seeds are not only essential in the gardening process but they can become a cute accessory as well. Sometimes us less seasoned gardeners aren't quite sure what to plant when and where. These regional "seed bombs" are sold individually so that regardless of what coast you are planting them on you are ensured your seeds will grow!

5. Gardening Tools and Terracotta Pots: There is nothing more fundamental to gardening than simple tools and terracotta pots. Both can be used for practical use as well as decoration. A quick tip to keep your garden tools clean and sharp, store then in a terracotta pot filled with sand from the beach.

6. Copper Watering Can: Your garden is not complete without a decorative watering can. This copper watering can is perfect for any any garden and is guaranteed to look just as good as it makes your flowers feel.

7. Antique Canoe: Last but not least using antique coastal finds like this canoe are a great way to bring the sea into your inland garden. Just display the object or take it a step farther and use them as planters, get creative! For more unique coastal finishing touches for your garden check out OurBoatHouse.com

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