Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To: Guest Room

        Guest rooms are often overlooked, and eventually, exiled to the island of desperate storage spaces because of being oddly shaped, in the attic, or having a too-rustic feel to them. To me, all of the above is the charming sound of a project! Having strange makeshift guest rooms are perfect for adding that daring and darling touch to your house that it so needs. As you may know, different colors cause different feelings. While purple’s meaning is, of course, luxury it also stimulates creativity. Also, Blue is thought to be relaxing. A soft lilac color, being a mixture of the two, would make a perfect color- welcoming guests with comfort and elegance in a coastal town. However, the color is just the base. The bed is the statement piece, and by keeping it simple, adding the home accents that are essential to a great guest room will be a breeze.
Adding you and your family’s own personal touch to a guest room while still making it feel like their own space for the weekend is a hard task to do, however by keeping it simple and comfortable, you can create the perfect space for your guests. We all know that adding soft hues, chunky picture frames, and pillows add a cozy feel. But getting the room to feel like a get-away is the hard part, and that’s where the naturally rustic feel and bright home accent pieces come to play.  
            We know! We know! Not all of us have that extra room to re-invent, while almost all of us DO have guests. Stay tuned for next week's How To post, because there will be an answer on how to transform a den into a makeshift guest room!



These accent pillows couldn't be more cheerful when added to the bench and bed! 

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