Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Style Starboard: Rustic

Rustic interiors and accessories covey a sort of lived and cozy feeling, and in these winter months that is just the look to go for. However rustic does not have to mean old and used, it can be chic.

This rust chandelier is elegant yet has a masculine rusticness to it that would compliment many settings. It could be the only rustic element in your house or one of many and would still look good.

There are many ways you can use antique glass, in mirrors and accessories. However we like the idea of placing it somewhere unconventional like the kitchen cabinets. Classic yet rustic.

Clocks are always a different but timeless (pardon the pun) way to decorate. Adding a clock that has a strong look like this rust clock can really pull a room together.

For an easy DIY project, find any old wood and paint it with your favorite word or quote. It’s simple, personal and cute.

Whether your ride or just display it don’t underestimate the power of an old beach bike. They have such a wonderful look to them, maybe plant some flowers in the basket. Now it just has a different use!

Driftwood is the ultimate material when it comes to designing for the rustic/ coastal interior. Find a bunch of pieces you love and hang them on the wall like art work. And nature’s artwork so much cheaper!

Images: Barn , Armillary, Mirrors, Rustic, LoveBeach Bike, Driftwood

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