Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Woof 2.20.12:

Nothing conveys comfort, safety and contentment as does nuzzling with a sweaty piece of clothing recently worn by my people. Exploring, sniffing and cherishing my people’s smells is my chart to knowing and understanding them better. The scents tell the story – where have they been, what’s there mood- are they happy, are they sad – these scents guide my innate ability to be Mans-Best-Friend!  Snuggling with the recent scentful garment is the next best thing to being right by their side-it’s my 'Good-Old-Thing".

A life story is ingrained in every Good-Old-Thing - they represent age, beauty, wisdom, and history. Adding a piece of history to your room decor brings character, reflects your personality and creates interest. Finding the Good-Old-Things that nourish your soul is like a treasure hunt, once discovered and properly utilized it will be cherished forever and will be what make your house a home.

Below are a few of our favorites - what "Good-Old-Thing" do you cherish?

 Old Farmers Table

 Vintage Lantern

 Ship Cargo Light

 Ship Deck Crate Table

Old Shutter Headboard

 Oar Coat Rack

Painted Vintage Life Preserver

 Vintage Enamel

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