Monday, June 4, 2012

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House Tour
Manhattan Beach Bungalow

One of our absolute favorite design blogs "House of Turquoise" just featured this stunning "Manhattan Beach Bungalow" found in this months Country Living. When seeing this house you are left feeling like you never knew a seaside cottage and a city loft could look so good together. The shapes, textures and shades of blue in this space are truly coastal eye candy. 
Living Room: Don't be afraid to use different shades of the same color, it can create depth and intrigue. Also we are all for painting the insides of your built in's, look at that blue! 

Kitchen: I like to think of this space as "modern country kitchen". You have all the elements that make a kitchen homey and warm but with the easy touch of modern accessories. Never be afraid to mix genres it makes things interesting. 

Breakfast Nook: Lets just say it, is there anything better than a breakfast nook? I can just picture myself now reading the Sunday paper while sipping on coffee (or a mimosa depending on the Sunday). The bead board gives the nook a traditional New England feel while the fabric jazzes it up a bit.

Desk/ Vanity: Did we say we love mixing genres and styles? The traditional West Indies style desk with the modern lucite chair! To die for. However there has to be an element that brings the opposing styles together. For example add a paint color like the one above that can play as both classic and/or trendy.

Master Bedroom: Don't be afraid of wallpaper. I know somewhere along the way wallpaper got a bad wrap but we promise there are many gorgeous options. Sometimes we think the bolder the better, especially if you have a more neutral room. Don't forget some of the most historic/ classic spaces have the loudest walls. 

Kids Room: We love a good built in! Although most of the time we are referring to shelves this time we mean bunk beds. For a more elegant (sturdy) bunk bed go for a built in that also incorporates storage. Looks cute and serves as a fort for the little guys. Kind of like living on a boat! 

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