Saturday, December 22, 2012

10 Ways To: To add a pop of color to your space

Sometimes, we may look around and hope that we aren’t as boring as our space is. Our design team has come up with 10 easy ways to add a pop of color to give your space the style it craves.
1. An easy way to bring in a pop of color is with an area rug. This blue really brightens the natural rattan colored living room.

Liven up your coastal space with a pop of color in 10 easy ways.
2. Bring in a piece upholstered in a bright contrast color and it will lighten and liven your room.

3. Paint the back of a bookcase a bright color to make the displayed items jump of the shelf and add the much needed pop of color to your room.

 4. A brightly painted piece of furniture will add spice to any space.

 5. A neutral or pale tone room is quickly livened up with a brightly colored throw or blanket.

6. Bright and fun throw pillows is most definitely the quickest way to change the look of your room. In seconds you can take a monotone, boring room to exciting.

7. What better way to set the tone for your house than to paint the front door in a bright fun color. This is sure to let your guests know you mean design business.

8. A painted floor lays the ground work for a stylish and colorful design, anything you sit on it will stand out and make a statement.

9. A white coastal cottage kitchen can be taken from drab to fab with a colored backsplash, changing the entire look of the kitchen.

10. Last but definitely not least a fabulous pop of color can be achieved with a few great color accessories.

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