Monday, December 17, 2012

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House Tour
Portuguese Coastal Beach House

 In Comporta, a fishing village, huts were scattered along the shore. They were simple structures consisting of thatched roofs, sand floors, and not much else. Here is a  traditional Portuguese fishing hut, renovated for modern living by Aires Mateus and Assoc.
 The sand floor is warmed by a radiant-heat system. White slipcover sofas and chairs give lots of comfy seating.

Recently, the serene, seaside spot of Comporta has become a fashionable summer destination for the elite. Joao Miguel Rodriguez was one of these newcomers when he bought two adjacent fishermen’s cottages and hired a cutting-edge Lisbon-based architect, Manuel Aires Mateus, to transform the pair into a stylish weekend getaway.
A pair of guest cabanas connects to the older buildings in the compound via wood walkways.  

In the living area, a kitchen island of white Corian stands out against the thatched walls. Long wood Dining table and bright white chairs add more contrast to the space.

 In the bedroom, a modern Gervasoni bed is framed by Tolomeo lamps. The room is anchored with a straw beach mat area rug.

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