Saturday, February 16, 2013

10 Ways To: To rid the winter blues

When the sun disappears before dinner and the sky is dark and moody , it’s easy to get the winter blues. 10 simple ideas can cheer up any space even if it's chilly outside.
1. Colorful Accent  
Add a cheerful touch to a dull space by adding some colorful accents or accessories.
2. Punch of Pattern
Liven up your living room sofa with a pop of a pattern with a throw pillow.
3. Shed Layers
Lighten a room by removing knickknacks and clutter. One, three or five key pieces will have a greater impact than a cluttered mess of collectibles.

4. Liven Up Walls
A fresh coat of color brightens a room in less than an hour. Classic, nature-inspired colors are best bets to lend a subtle, sunny spark. 

5. Add Art  
Hang a cheerful new piece of art on a focal-point wall to give a space a winter lift. It can be a poster, the kids’ latest paintings or a fine masterpiece—as long as it’s colorful, it will be a room brightener. 
6. Sunny Days
Make the most of natural light on shorter winter days. Pull back heavy window treatments and let the sun shine in.
7. Flowers
Nothing says “spring is coming” like fresh flowers. Go for loose arrangements in a clear glass vessel to show off the green of the stems along with the buds. 
8. Cozy Glow
Update your lighting to instantly gain brightness on a gray day. Combine overhead lighting, large floor lamps and smaller task lighting for the best results. Increase the bulb strength in existing fixtures.
9. Dish it out
In the kitchen, swap heavy ceramic dishes and mugs for lighter glass plates or melamine bowls and dishes. Replace dingy hand towels with white ones. 
10. Reflections
Mirrors add light to a space and encourage a feeling of sunny brightness. Hanging a mirror in a room will reflect light through the space.

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