Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to guide: Create a romantic bedroom

With a little help from our design crew you can create a romantic bedroom with ambiance.
A romantic ambiance can be a great aphrodisiac and can be created easily with big results.
Because we absorb our surroundings through our five senses keep each of these senses in mind as you recreate your bedroom for a more romantic feel. The key is to create a feel within the room that is soft, inviting and a ‘place’ that you want to be.

Your bedroom is more than a place to lay your head. It’s your own private space, where you can escape from the rest of the house. Turning your bedroom into a romantic retreat can be just the thing to spice up your love life for Valentine’s Day or any day!

1. Clean it up.
Take a cue from resort hotel rooms when it comes to furniture and accessories. Be a minimalist. Clutter is not sexy. Remove papers, books, dirty clothes and any other items that make the room look messy. It can be very distracting if the room is a mess. It's amazing what effect this simple step can have.  

2.Create adjustable mood lighting
Lighting is key to help you be more romantic and create ambiance. With a great table lamp or chandelier you can change the feel of a room. Dimmer switches or three way bulbs are a must. It is important to choose lighting options that give a soft glow rather than harsh light. Candles are also a perfect light source.

3. Bedding
Above all, your bedroom should be comfortable and welcoming. Go overboard with your bedding. Choosing the right fabrics and textures will definitely pay off. Soft, luxurious feeling fabrics and textures will create a room you want to spend time in. Use relaxing bedspread colors, like rich earth tones or calming blues and greens.

4. Throw pillows
Go overboard with your throw pillows. Stack up throw pillows to create a soft, welcoming pile that you can’t wait to jump into!  

Here's a little more help to find these special pieces to add the ambiance and a bit of romance to your bedroom.

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