Friday, February 17, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Nauti but Nice

We're in love with old nautical things. Anything that once was used by fisherman, found objects on the beach, items salvage from old ships,...we know it's odd, but we prefer this to fine jewelry. We love the history, the texture, the old salty smell. Here are some unique ideas that will keep your space looking classic yet playfully nautical.

How simple and yet so interesting(image above). Old rope in glass vases, a blow fish and an old book. The tone of the colors all work together and the shapes and textures make it work and best of all it costs next to nothing to do.

The nautical colors and the 90 Degree Passageway Light make these bunk beds look like they belong on a ship. The lights were once used to light the hallways of the ship and come in both chrome or brass.

Rope and Cleat Banister adds interest and nautical simplicity.

 A grouping of authentic ship fox lights is a great way to incorporate nautical history, drama and character in any room setting.  Fox lights were once used to light the ships working deck area.

Nothing like an Authentic Porthole Door to make you feel like your on a ship!

Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Floats worn by the sand, sun & saltwater is the perfect finishing touch to make this space a perfect coastal paradise.

When striving to design a nautical space remember sometimes less can be more. Don’t be too literal; find subtle ways to imply the design you are going for. Your lighting fixtures don’t need to be caught in a fisherman’s nets to get the point across. 


  1. LOL Funny ! I didn't know that my nautical party decor for a "65 and Crabby" party would show up as how not to decorate for Coastal Home. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Too funny! I guess the "cheesy seafood restaurant" theme was conveyed! Toy Lady I promise to decorate your home office according to the tips here on Coastal Home.

  3. I love the lights over the kitchen counter. Practical and beautiful