Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Coastal Gifts for Mom

1. Antique Silver Shells: Sometimes the best gifts are those small mementos that we see everyday and remind us of the ones we love. These silver shells are just that; timeless, thoughtful and classic... just like mom!

We are ending Earth Day and heading straight for Mother's Day! We believe that Mother Earth's greatest gift is the ocean so this Mother's Day give you mom some sea side serenity. Here are some of our favorite coastal treasures that will surly show your mom how much she means to you.

2. Recycled Sail Tote: Honor your mother and mother earth by giving this recycled sail tote! Our mothers are always planning and taking care of us. We all have memories of our moms and their bottomless tote bags on the beach that provided us with endless summer days of fun!

3. Folding Beach Chair: A great gift for those who love the sun and the sand but don't want the sand all over them.  This gorgeous yellow color reminds us of the warm summer sun.
4. Woven Sea Grass Stool If redecorating is what you mom likes to do how about this woven sea grass stool!? Kid friendly, multi-use and will look good in your summer seaside shanty.

5. Starfish Cocktail Napkins: Brunch is without a doubt the perfect way to start Mother's Day! Decorate your table with these adorable starfish napkins for a little coastal flair.

6. Navy Stripe Throw Blanket: If brunch is the perfect way to start Mother's Day then cuddling up on the couch is the perfect way to end it. Once again our favorite combo of navy and white stripes makes for a decorative and cozy accessory.

7. Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons: If your mom has a taste for the finer things (and a play on words) give her the best that the sea has to offer with these beautiful mother of pearl caviar spoons.

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