Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House Tour
Somethings Gotta Give

There is no question that the 2003 Nancy Meyer's film Somethings Gotta Give left us all drooling over what has become the pinnacle in coastal design. Set in the Hampton's this movie dream house reminded us all of what we love so much about shingled seaside chateaus. There is an elegant yet rustic art to summer living in the Hampton's which was captured oh so beautifully in the film (Diane Keaton and Louis Armstrong warbling in the background didn't exactly hurt either). The simple lines and touches can be easy to replicate so here are some of our favorite details.

 Living Room: The neutral slip covered furniture in the living room is elegant yet practical and will compliment any accessories you bring in. Though the furniture anchors the room the large stripped area rug adds a playful element that indicates a slightly nautical feel.

Library: A library of any size adds a cozy homespun quality to a home. It's always nice to have a quiet corner to read or just relax. 

Kitchen: Let's be honest, your kitchen is the most social room in your home. You want it to be functional yet beautiful. A large island like this one is great for cooking, entertaining or just being with the family. Fine some high bar stools to place around the island and you have the heart of your home. Also never underestimate the powerful effect simple white subway tiles can have in a kitchen, like the ones featured above the stove, classic.

Dining Room: This is easily my favorite room in this house. The display of different white china is so simple yet makes such a statement. The round dining room table invites a more social feel to the formal space.

Bedroom: The bedroom is the most personal room in your home, so make sure to add a more personal touch. We love the bay windows that bring lots of light to the already airy cream colored space. In a house like this neutrals become dominant, add a little muted color for a barely noticeable pop like the subtle blue seen here. This will leave you with the illusion of all whites while making it slightly more interesting for the eye.

Outdoors: What is a beach house without a beautiful outdoor space. Honestly, comfortable and attractive lounge chairs might be the most important thing, like the ones seen here. Don't forget complimentary umbrellas for the extremely summer days. Remember you can have fun with the outdoor space so change up the fabrics!

Images: Somethings Gotta Give House

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