Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Seaside Summer Bedding

As summer approaches and it warms up we are quickly trading out our heavy blankets for light and airy linens. Although we won't be spending quite as much time bundled up in our warm beds, we do still need a restful place to take our post beach afternoon naps. Our bedrooms should reflect the relaxing playfulness that comes with summer. Whether you are a modernist or traditionalist I think we can all agree that a peaceful coastal inspired bedroom is exactly what we all crave in the summer months.

1. Coastal: Coral detail is a classic way to express your coastal sensibility. With a small pop of color you can bring it into any trendy or traditional space.

2. Nautical: A nice way to bring a nautical theme into your bedroom is simply by introducing a bold navy stripe. The theme will be conveyed without being overly obvious.

3. Rustic: Part of the joy of being at beach is being able to dress down and feel at ease in the natural rusticness of the salty sea air. Bring that same rustic feel into your bedroom by introducing antiques with simple white bedding.

4. Coastal Color: Certain colors combinations automatically covey a summer seaside feel. Yellow and navy is one of those combos. When I see these colors I want to be sailing, to have them on my bed makes me feel that way every time I wake up.

5. Tropical: Some of us who love the coast feel more inclined towards a tropical sensibility. If red hot reds and warm oranges make you like it's summer bring them into your room in a bold way.

6. Modern: If you are a lover of modern design never fear this does not mean you can't have a seaside inspired space. Instead of brights incorporate muted colors with pattern into your bedroom. These soft greys combined with chevron shams and studded head board are the perfect balance between the two worlds.

7. White: You can NEVER go wrong with white bedding. It's perfect for summer and even better for those who live waterside. If you want to break up your white bedding just add different textures or a subtle detail like the pearl border in the duvet above (pearl boarder?! now we are really getting into some coastal inspiration).

9. Trendy: If you are itching to go bold this summer season don't be afraid to shake it up and do something that's colorful and in vogue, like this amazing DVF duvet!

10. Monogram: The quickest way to add a unique touch to your bedroom is by monogramming your linens. There is a variety of colors and styles you can go with to personalize your already personalized sheets.

Images: Seaside Summer Bedding

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