Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Ways To: Make your house a home

Follow these 10 easy steps and you will be on your way to making your house feel like a home.
         With a little help you can turn up the warmth in your space to create a comfy, inviting home.

1. Collections.
If you collect something, show it off.  A collection shows your personality and love of something, while adding character to a space.

2. Salvage something old.
Did you find a great vintage boat light but it just sits there without a purpose in your garage gathering dust. Refurbish it and hang it proud for all to enjoy, tell the story of where you found it.

3. Stack your books.
Your books say something about who you are and what interests you. Find excuses to exhibit them in every room. They are great conversation starters and give you a platform to display a shell you collected on your favorite beach.

4. Flaunt your photographs.
Photographs tell the story of your family. Buy some fun frames and insert photos from your most recent vacation or family adventure.

5. Vacation finds.
Next time you are on vacation and find something special that sparks your interest bring it home. Vacation finds are a fun way to identify places and memories significant to you. Mail it home or make room in your luggage for the piece of driftwood you fell in love with.

6. Paint.
Paint is the least-expensive way to make your white box feel like home. Color can add life to a cold sterile room. Was there a color you fell in love with while visiting the Hampton's? Why not recreate that feel in your own space, even if you just paint the door.

7. Conceal the technology.
This is not your office cubicle. Only Geek Squad will be impressed to see your multiple remotes and little white wires, so hide your giant tech savvy remotes in a basket, vintage trunk/ coffee table or chest by the sofa.

8. Lighting.
When entertaining turn the lights on. Turning on your lamps adds warmth and color to the room.  A dinner party is not the time to save electricity.

9. Blanket the house.
Do you have a handmade blanket or quilt that you inherited? Maybe you picked up a great indigo throw recently. Pull out the blankets and  lay them over the backs of the chairs or sofa. Having a blanket close by makes you feel comfy and cozy at home.

10. Relax, It takes a lifetime to achieve character.

Not every room needs to be beautiful. A kid’s room can be kid’s room.  A house should be lived in, things like scratches in the wood floor, add character. The more you personalize it, the more it will feel like home and be a place you will miss when you are away for too long. The best homes evolve over time, be patient.

Photo Credits:
Wicker nautical living room with blue and white rug
Beach and nautical collections displayed
Slipcover sofa with dog and stacked books
Family photo wall
White slipcover sofa and driftwood wall
Before & after painted door
Tan slipcover sofa and vintage trunk coffee table
Nautical blue glass table lamp
Cable knit blanket on sofa in  living room with an ocean view
White slipcover chairs and sofa in beautiful coastal room

Did you spot something you want? Take a peek to see where you can get it.

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  1. Please tell me what the color is on the door in #6. I love every picture! Thanks for the idea with the pictures. I have been thinking of how I want to do big pics and your idea is the most interesting!

    Thank you!