Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Coastal bedrooms

Coastal bedrooms have a common trait of clean whites and blues, they usually evoke a feeling of being by the water. Crisp white linens paired with light blues and breezy canopies draped over head are what created the essence of some of our favorite coastal room designs.

Light blue walls cast a darker blue shadow on the floor creating a glow. White bedding against the wicker nightstands gives great contrast, while the four post canopy bed draped in gauze reminds you of the islands.

Maritime coastal, this bedroom has more of a boathouse feel with the contrasting navy blue, framed shells, and wooden oars leaned to the wall.

A sense of spa like coastal retreat exudes from the room, floating like bed draped in white mosquito netting is soft and inviting. This room is simple and island chic.

 Love the contrast between the whiteness of the room and the darkness of the west indies style wood pieces. This coastal bedroom is crisp and refreshing.

Lovely white four poster bed pops off the aqua tiled floor and gives the illusion of laying on the water. The warm wood tones really give depth to a more contemporary coastal bedroom.

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