Monday, September 24, 2012

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House Tour
Nantucket Boathouse

This boathouse is a classy nautical oasis, it was recreated by the very talented interior designer Gary McBournie.

A Nantucket boathouse was brought back to life by highlighting many of its staple characteristics and features with a breath of fresh creative air. The fisherman's cottage was designed in a blue and white nautical theme with touches of red and antique nautical objects. The cottage is fresh while maintaining the classic Nantucket charm of the Grey Lady- Gary McBournie

A sailors valentine entry foyer with beautiful wood chest and seashells scattered across the top.

White bead-board bathroom with great royal blue accents. Love the ship painting on the wall.

The exposed rustic wood ceiling really sets the tone for the kitchen. Painted blue floors bring in the ocean and make it look as if you are wading in water.

Dining room/ breakfast table is reclaimed antique wood oval top with an amazing floral centerpiece that invites you to sit and enjoy your breakfast.

Sea fans and Nantucket baskets give this guest room a collected feel.

This loft bedroom will be a hit with all the guests.

What would a Nantucket boathouse be without some Nantucket baskets.

Sun deck offers lounging or outdoor eating to enjoy all the bounties of the location.

Constitution- as Gary McBournie calls The Gray Lady.

Gary McBournie Interior Design

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