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10 Ways To: To bring the outdoors in

Bring the Outdoors inside in 10 steps
Follow these 10 steps and you will have a Coastal space that blurs the line to the outdoors.
One way to get the most for your money: Focus on the area where inside meets outdoors, whether it's a sun room, porch, patio, entryway or just a room with a great view. Carry an item that is outside in. This could be a door mat, potted plant or a table and chairs just inside the house in view of where the outdoors meets the indoors. This will create the effect of the outdoor space continuing inside.

2. Indoor- outdoor fabrics.
Another trick that blurs the line: Use indoor-outdoor fabrics in your living areas inside as well as outside. Fabrics are available in many colors and patterns, use the same fabric on your deck, terrace or patio and the adjoining room. Go one step further and have upholstered furniture outside as well as in.Then if you have your door open, the design flows from one to the other.

3. Window garden boxes.
Window boxes draw your eye through the window to the outside, so put them right outside your window, either in the windows or on a deck or patio. It visually extends your room out to the window boxes. Plant herbs, which are typically green and low-maintenance or you can plant flowers for color.

4. Indoor Plants.
Bring in plants, this is perhaps a bit obvious, but filling your space with plants just may be the easiest and most effective way of injecting a bit of Mother Nature into your home.
5. Decor.
Bringing an outdoor vibe to your indoor space is easy with the use of materials and decor items that focus on natural elements. A home decorated with nature inspired decor is serene, relaxing and even meditative.

6. Floors.
Invite the outdoors in from the ground up with floors made from natural elements. Wood is an obvious choice and comes in many types, from oak to bamboo. Choose one that works best with your decor scheme. If new flooring isn’t in your budget, consider laying area rugs crafted from organic materials such as cotton and jute.
7. Ceilings.
Paint your ceiling with hues from robin’s egg to sea blue to mimic the sky. Another way to bring the outdoors in is to install skylights that add more natural light to the room. A ceiling fan cools your space while creating a breeze, putting you in mind of a walk in the woods or on a beach.
8. Furniture.
Furniture made from natural materials adds an earthy mood to your home that helps bring the outside in. Wicker, rattan or bamboo couches, chairs and tables will easily create this vibe.

9. Let in natural light. 
Natural light is absolutely free and it feels wonderful. Replace heavy drapery with lighter fabrics and or sheers.  Let natural light into your home daily, and see how the outdoors pours into your space. 
10. Open your windows.
Bring the outdoors inside by installing screens in your windows and letting in fresh air. Ensure all windows have a gorgeous view. If you have overgrown bushes, or trash dumpsters blocking your view, clean it up. Bring the outdoors in by enjoying views of landscaping, pools, or just your kids playing out in the yard.

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