Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to guide: Add sparkle to your coastasl room with mercury glass, silver and glass

Glass, Sliver and Mercury glass can be used in lighting and accessories to add sparkle to any coastal room. Here are a few ways you can add sparkle in your space.

The Holidays may be over but that doesn't mean your space can't sparkle. A touch of Mercury glass, silver or glass adds light and reflection and a sparkle to brighten any space.

From lamps to knobs there are many ways to bring in a touch of Mercury glass.

 This glass lamp is a perfect example of light airy reflection in a coastal space. The shells add a great sea worthy touch.

 Sea glass balls and jars come in beautiful ocean hues and add a glimmer to your room.

These Silver Mercury Glass pendant lights sure do sparkle and add dimension to the room.

There is no question, you can't go wrong with adding a pop of silver or glass to your coastal space. These Silver Mercury Glass jars, seas glass balls and Silver finish floor lamps are perfection.

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  1. gorgeous as always! I used a lot of Mercury glass over the holidays. The best thing about it is I didn't have to pack it up with the other Christmas decorations. Works great all year round!