Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to guide: Organize with stylish storage

Organization and style are possible, follow these steps to create your organized stylish space.

1. Stack vintage suitcases on top of cabinets.You can use them to store extra silverware, napkins or party supplies.

2. Use empty space under side tables and consoles for lidded baskets to contain anything from magazines to out of season decorations.

3. Stylish trunks can hide your stuff and be used for extra seating when needed.

4. Use end tables with storage for seasonal pillows or extra blankets.

5. Small containers with lids is an easy and stylish way to organize clutter. Set containers on a coffee table or counter top to add a pop of color and a designers touch.

6. Biggest problem I hear is how to hide the kid's toys. Using great wicker baskets or planters makes for a stylish and easy fix to toy clutter in your living room.

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