Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspirations on the Horizon: Coastal Table Top

We said it before and we will say it again, changing up your tablescape is a quick and fun way to keep your home interesting and up with the season. None of us are going to go out and and by all new furniture when we need a little change (although that might be nice...). And having decorations in your house to make things festive could start to feel a little kitschy after awhile. Decorating your table is a great way to be creative without feeling like you are breaking the bank or being tacky. Now that it's spring and we are quickly rolling into summer it's a great time to bring in some new coastal accents. We like the idea of a table that could easily be seen indoors or out depending on the weather. A table with some rustic sophistication if you will.

Sea Life Salad Bowl: When decorating a table we are big fans of crisp looking white dishes that can be accessorized around. This beautiful salad bowl works for any season but would be particularly great for a summer fruit salad!

Coral Salad Tongs: We have the same thoughts on silverware, if you have classic silver pieces they can be incorporated into your table design at anytime of the year. How cleaver are there coral handled salad tongs?

Flower Centerpiece: Spring is nothing without flowers. Flowers are truly a personal choice, no matter what region you hail from there is a spring time flower that feel like home to you. Being from Florida we love bougainvillea, it's simple and elegant yet fiery and tropical. Just place the flower of your choice in small clear votives up and down the table for a easy yet effective centerpiece.
Ikat Linen Napkins: If you have a beautiful table, table clothes are optional but always include a fun linen napkin! It's such a good way to add color or a print to the table. Here we chose this navy ikat napkin, navy is timeless but the ikat is a pop of trendy. 

Woven Napkin Holder: It is said that life is in the details and well we think deign is in the details as well. Napkins rings are such a small detail but they make more of an impression than you think. 

Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers: The best finds are those that are functional and beautiful. These precious sea shell salt and pepper shakers are the a great decorative and practical element to add to your table.  

Outdoor Drink Dispensers: These dispensers are the perfect purchase for your spring/ summer get together. Fancy or casual they will serve the drinks as well as a fun sense of atmosphere. 

Glass Goblets: The design aim in spring and summer entertaining is to have formal events that appear casual. These goblets do just that, they are elegant enough to drink fine wine from but the rustic glass gives a more relaxed impression. 

Bier Garten Table: Does anything say summer more than this vintage beer garden table? Perfect for picnics or dinner parties. It has great bones and would be oh so fun to accessorize! 

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