Saturday, April 6, 2013

10 Ways To: To create summertime outdoor living rooms

In the Summertime coastal outdoor spaces should be a continuation of your indoor living space. Move your living room outside this summer and enjoy the outdoors in style. 
  1. Low seating, floor cushions and daybeds will inspire the mood for lounging and gathering.

Here are 10 ways to design your Summertime outdoor living room.

 2. Make outdoor chairs and ottomans comfortable with pillows and cushions.

  3. Throw an outdoor area rug under your furniture for a indoor coastal design moved outdoors.
4. Accessorize your coastal space like you would any of your indoor rooms.

 5. Placing end tables and a coffee table around your seating mimics your living room while providing convenient places to set drinks and food.

 6. Install outdoor lighting, like lamps and sconces to create mood lighting to be enjoyed all Summer long.

7. For the ultimate outdoor coastal living room, add fabric panels to frame the space, block sun or to make your own personal cabana.

8. An outdoor fireplace or a freestanding fire pit warms your guests and creates a Summertime ambiance.

9. Turn an old piece of furniture like a bookshelf or cabinet into an outdoor bar to house all of your bar ware and serving pieces for an outdoor dining experience.

10. Last but not least outdoor dining is key, set up a dining table and chairs for the perfect coastal outdoor dining experience.

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