Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Designer Tips: Maximize space in your beach shack

Small coastal spaces require flexibility and multifunctional use furniture. When the living room needs to double as the bedroom and the kitchen as the dining room you need to choose your elements with care. With these simple tips your beach shack will be coastal cottage chic.
 Beach Shack coastal design, the secrets to maximize your space.
1. Convertible. This is the biggest tip of all. Make sure your coastal pieces serve at least two purposes. Your sofa is a sleeper and your side tables are your nightstands.

2. Indoor/ Outdoor. Items that can be used indoors as well as out are perfect for small spaces because you can move them outside when you need more space and pull them in when you need extra seating.

3. Tuck away. Coastal chairs that fold or bar stools that tuck under save space and are easily put out of the way. This works perfectly in a tiny coastal kitchen where space is limited but seating is needed.
4. Illusion. Best known design trick to gain more space without renovations is to create the illusion of more space with a mirror. Placement of a large mirror to reflect light can add faux square footage to your coastal space.
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