Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to guide: Anchor your space with rugs

4 simple ways to anchor your space with an area rug

 Area rugs can be used to anchor a large space and pull in all the colors of the room to create a cohesive design. A space this large needs an area rug big enough for all of the furniture to sit on, if needed you can cover half way under the perimeter furniture instead of completely.

A white room can be livened up with a bold pop of color from an area rug. If your rugs purpose is to bring in color it can be smaller and not all of the pieces in the room need to sit on it.

When working with a white palate a lightly colored area rug will anchor the space in a simple way and still let the pieces in the room shine.

A grouping of boldly colored furniture needs a high contrast area rug to break up the block of color. Most of the time an area rug with the main color and white used as a stripe will be the perfect amount of style needed.

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