Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Style Starboard: Designer Tips
How to accessorize

Choose objects and art that you love, put it together in a way that enhances your room.

 1.  Don't accessorize just because you have space to fill. The goal is to display things you love in an artful way. One of the keys to great accessorizing is starting with accessories that have some relevance, are useful, or that you treasure. Create Groupings, gather similar items together for maximum impact or to show a collection. Vary height and size of objects. Use books, plants, bowls, small sculptural elements. If you add things to a room just to fill up the space, it will look like clutter instead of accessorizing or displaying your collections.

 2. Edit. This is one of the most useful tools of accessorizing.  Bring in a group of things that you love and are relevant to the space.Then once you have items placed the way you like them, start editing or better said removing stuff. Take it down to the bare minimum of what you love without having it look empty. Less is more.  

3. One of a kind finds. The goal is not to copy the neighbors house, no one likes a copy cat. When accessorizing try looking for items that are unique. Shop at antique stores, flea markets and thrift shops. One of a kind finds that speak to you and make a statement will ensure you have an original design.

  4. Begin with items you have in your house. Your favorite books, plates, sea shells, or a collection of salt shakers are the best place to start. Use stacked books as ways to display trinkets or interesting ways to simply display your books. Insert Personal Items, add things that represent you and your family, items like vacation souvenirs, heirlooms, and family photos.

5. Textures & Layers. Accessorizing is a visual art, it's important to mix textures and layer your items to create interest. Mix wood, glass, soft, hard, smooth, rough, natural, painted. You should blend in natural elements like shells, branches, rocks, greenery, flowers. Add sparkle and shine with glass, silver, crystal objects, mirrors, and reflective surfaces.

Stick with these basic guidelines and you are sure to create a beautifully accessorized space.

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