Monday, October 15, 2012

Spotted from the Crow's Nest:Beach House Tour
Jupiter Contemporary

The rooftop pool beach house is designed by Hughes Architects Umbanhowar. It is located along a narrow site on the coast north of Jupiter Island, Florida. This house was designed with modern style and island cottage chalet chic.

This beach house has gorgeous views from any room.
The house is divided into three areas: bedroom, playroom, and space for contemplation. Each segment is light sensitive and has wonderful full views. The kitchen and dining room lend translucent and visual plays of the two floors. The rooftop swimming pool can be seen from above or below with the skylights. In the daytime, cool blue water almost flows into the living room through skylights built into the bottom of the pond. Dynamic interaction of light and shadow invigorates the space below. This gives the house the “cool factor”.
 The skylight gives an awesome view into the pool on the roof. 

The kitchen has views all around it, which creates an open and breezy feel. The light yellow wood cabinets combined with all the white and ocean blue surrounding the room are such a serene palate.

Not only does this rooftop have an awesome view, the pool has a window into the house. It almost gives the illusion of stairs leading you into the house from the pool.

This room makes you feel like you are on the deck of a cruise ship, it is picturesque.

The open railing design does not limit your view of the ocean from the balcony while you lounge and soak up the sun.

Sunsets from this house must be amazing and never missed with the vastness of windows.

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