Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to guide: Mis Matched fabulous dinner party

No need to fret over a perfectly matched set of china, glassware or alike chairs to accommodate all your guests. You can create a famous dinner party decor by mixing what you have in a sophisticated, eclectic way.

 Weather you are entertaining a party of 6 or 20 have some fun with your dining decor and mix things up. Pull in chairs from all over the house to create a collected and gathered look.

 Set out appetizers and side dishes family style to be nibbled on or grazed before, during and after dinner. This will spark conversation, create movement at your dinner party and look great as a display.

For a different take on platters, use vegetables as bowls and serving dishes to bring in color and add a unique touch.

Use seasonal produce for your table-scape as an alternative to flowers. Pumpkins, gourds and other produce will last longer than flowers and provide just as much if not more color at your dinner table.

Don't forget to add the ambiance and load up with candles. Lighting is key to setting the tone for a dinner party. Candles romance the table and give the perfect color of lighting.

By gathering your vintage water goblets, modern glassware, mixed sets of china, multiple styles of chairs you will create a wonderful collected dinging design. If you are feeling even more daring move it all outside to enjoy the crisp fall air and really shake things up.

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