Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 Ways To: To incorporate pops of color with style

1. Add a pop of color to the Living Room by painting a built in bookcase. 
10 Ways to add a pop of color with style to your coastal space
2. Painted furniture can add a color to any room.
 3. One of the easiest and least committing ways to add color to a room is with throw pillows.
 4. Paint a door to create interest in a room needing a bit of color.
5. Incorporate a brightly colored piece or upholstered furniture to a space.
 5. Fabric can bring color into a room in many forms but the biggest impact is usually as drapes.
 6. Stylish chandeliers come in great vibrant colors to add spice to any room.
 7. Area rugs ground a room and are a great way to pull in some color to a room.
 8. Paint can transform a space and by adding color to an accent wall.
 9. Artwork can add interest and color to a room.
 10. A bouquet of flowers in a vase placed on a table can bring in a cheerful pop of color to a space.

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