Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to guide: Simple updates for your Kitchen

Updating your Kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. With these simple updates your Kitchen will be Coastal chic.

 5 design tips to update your Kitchen

 1. Cabinet hardware.
Changing out your cabinet hardware is a simple update for your Kitchen. This is an inexpensive and easy update anyone DIY'er can do.
 2. Lighting.
Creative and unique lighting can add interest to your Kitchen, taking a bland design to the next level.
 3. Paint.
A little paint goes a long way. With paint brush in hand you will be one step closer to giving your kitchen a spark. Paint can add a pop of color, brighten the room and add style to your space.
 4. Open Shelving.
Adding some open shelving to display your collection of bowls or seashells in the Kitchen can add that spice that is missing. Personal collections add personality to a room.
 5. Area Rugs.
Adding a colorful stripe area rug to you Kitchen will add interest and layers while updating your space.  

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