Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to guide: Make a room look like it has been evolving for years

A great design should look as if it's been collected over time, not a set ordered out of a catalog. Here are a few simple design tips to help you create a stylish evolved design.
Tips for taking your coastal space from new to collected
1. Contrast furniture styles, mix new and old to create depth in your design. This room infuses Lucite side tables with traditional coastal pieces.
 2. Display and integrate your collections in the room. This room has a great collection of books displayed by color for and interesting collected design.
3. A variety of textures, patterns and colors makes a room feel collected. Experiment with different fabrics, mix metal with wood and stone with glass.
4. Rugs can add dimension and layers to the room as well as ground the space to give it an evolved feel.
5. Family hand me downs or heirlooms can bring history to a space. These antique cabinets add old world feel to a modern coastal room with white slipcover sofa and chairs.

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