Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to guide: Display your collection

Collections should be shown and displayed in a way that showcases the items. These pieces infuse your personality into the room's design. A few simple tips will help you create a stylish display.
1. Gather your collection in one room and display the items in groups throughout the room.

Collections add personality and spark conversation. Follow these simple guidelines to create a great display.
2. Install a collection that can be hung on the wall in a large grouping to create a statement display.
3. Small collections should be shown and displayed all together. In this case the hat collection is hung on the wall as art.
 4. A great way to display your collection is to place the items throughout a bookshelf intermingled with your books for an interesting design.
 5. Table top displays are a simple way to show off a collection. These globes are placed together on a table for a beautiful display.
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